Tumbleweed BBQ
and Dutch Oven

Chili Cook-Off Rules

Rules for the Chili and Dutch Oven Cook-Off

 Acts Six Soup Kitchen Chili  And Dutch Oven Cook-Off   Fundraiser June 15th,    2019


   There will be three categories as follows:

Category 1         Traditional type chili

No Beans in this category. You cook a traditional type chili with no beans. It is just basically a meat type chili in a red sauce.  

Category 2        Chefs Choice of chili.

Includes any variety of chili. In this category, you may enter any type of chili your choice. This could include chili with beans, chicken chili, white bean chili, Chili Verde etc. No "stew type" chili is allowed.  

Category 3        Traditional "3 Pot" Dutch Oven Cook. IDOS Rules apply.

 This includes 1 Bread Dish, 1 Main Dish and 1 Dessert     

Category 4 Best Decorated Table. 
Decorate your table to match the theme of "Chili" or "Dutch Oven".
The team with the best decorated table  (Picked by our judges) will be the winner!

You may cook any category or a combination of 2 or all three! Entry fee will be $10 for each category. 

Remember, we are raising funds to help the Soup Kitchen with the rising costs of helping others. 

All food will need to be cooked at the event. NO home food preparation allowed. 
There will be NO electricity available so all cooking will be with your own outdoor cooking equipment.
Chili entries may use your own outdoor propane stoves. Dutch Oven entries must be cooked with charcoal but may use propane stoves to start the charcoal for cooking use or to heat water for dish washing purposes.