Tumbleweed BBQ
and Dutch Oven

Garland Contest Rules

Garland Dutch Oven Competition Rules

1. Teams of 1 or more may compete; only 2 team members at a time are allowed in cooking area – NO
EXCEPTIONS. An adult must accompany all under 18. One team member must be in cooking areal at all times.
2.  Shoes must be worn in the cooking areas!
3. Teams provide Dutch Ovens, ingredients, cooking utensils and preparation items. Ingredients should be
combined and prepared onsite including garnishes and marinades. Only charcoal is allowed and must be used in
a safe and clean manner.
4. This is a 2 pot cook off with a main dish and dessert each presented on Dutch Oven lid or in the pot with appropriate serving utensils  at judging time for each category. Any garnishes must be simple and edible.
5. All cooking must be in factory made Dutch Oven OR cast iron cookware. All food except excess gravy/sauce must
be presented on lid for judging – throwing out burned or under-cooked sections is a disqualification.
6. Digital thermometers and scales are allowed.
7. Use good fire safety to keep everyone safe; cooking should be done at least 18 inches off the ground OR in a pit.
8. This is a spectator event; you will be receiving some field judge points based on the demonstration of Dutch
Oven cooking your team puts on. Registration is a release statement for all photos and any optionally provided
recipes used in event.
9. Contestants may NOT smoke, consume alcohol, or eat in their team preparation area.
10. Teams should bring their own equipment, awnings/shade, tables, pots, washing and cleaning supplies. 
11. All team areas must be left clean of charcoal, food, and garbage at end of event.
12. Judging will be on: preparation, appearance, taste, aroma, quality, and overall appeal.
13. Teams MAY NOT provide samples to spectators per Heath Department regulations.

Food Safety Regulations apply:
a) Meat purchased must be from a source with USDA inspection label.
b) Coolers must be used for perishables – hot foods kept above 140 and cold foods below 40.
c) Tasting utensils must be washed after each use and cutting boards between meats and vegetables. Single use plastic spoons and forks are recommended.
d) Use separate washbasins of water for hand washing, ingredient preparation, and utensil washing.
e) Only foods in state of preparation may be out in preparation area.
f) Meats must reach USDA recommended temperatures (field judge checked before judging):
a. Ground lamb/beef/veal, lamb steak/roast medium – 160
b. Lamb, steak/roast medium rare – 145
c. Chicken/turkey breast, ground (stuffing/casserole), whole bird – 165
d. Eggs of any type – 160
e. Fish of any type – 145
f. Pork (chops, ground, ribs, roast) – 145

Prizes will be awarded for each of the 2 dishes and an event grand champion. Event winner may be invited to
International Dutch Oven Society Championship Cook-Off

The Grand Champion winners are determined by the point totals of both of your Dutch Oven dishes combined.

Rules will print out on a computer by right clicking on rules and selecting print from the pop up menu.

 The Grand Champion Winner may be invited to participate in International Dutch Oven Society World Championship Cook-Off held in Salt Lake City in September. You will need to be a paid and current member of IDOS to compete in the World Championship.