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Build your own smoker!

UDS Building Class Number 2
The UDS Building Class will take place on -----------.

The class will take you through turning a 55 gallon drum into a working bbq smoker, so you will need room in your car to take home your completed UDS.

The Ugly Drum Smoker is a simple to build but easy to use cooker, a number of teams that compete on the BBQ competition circuit, cook and win on them.

The class is $100.00 and along with learning how to make your own Ugly Drum Smoker, it will buy you the class, (& your drum, thermometer, grates, handles, and controls), you will also get a free entry to the next Backyard BBQ contest (if you can't make that contest you can take a raincheck to another Backyard contest later in the year, 1 contest per UDS builder). So you will have a couple of weeks, (or more), to practice your chicken and ribs, and you will have a chance to see where your Backyard BBQ stands against friends and neighbors!

In order to get the largest number out to the class, you are asked to buy a single entry... you will learn enough to go on to build as many of them you want, but that way we can get 15 new smokers out there! 

BBQ 101 Class
Barbecue 101 ~~~ Date to be determined.

Class awaiting scheduling

The class is sponsored by Tumbleweed BBQ and the Utah BBQ Organization.

The class will start at 10:00 sharp, please try and get there 15 minutes early.

The class will start with a little information about the Utah BBQ Organization, it's objectives and aims!
Then it will cover knife control and sharpening.
Pork Spare Rib preparation and trimming.
Chicken preparation, cutting chicken, spatchcock chicken, halved chicken, chicken leg quarters.
Herb and spices, how to make rubs, (or sometimes how not to make them)!
We will cover different home smokers and grills, pellet, gas, charcoal, and wood fueled.
Woods for flavor, where to buy them, how to use them, pellets, chips, chunks, logs.

Please bring a note pad and pens. There will be a lot of great information that you will want to remember!

There will be a charge of $25.00 to pay for the meat, fuel, and rub making materials.
At the end of the class, you will be treated to a meal of the items that we cooked in the class!

The class will have a limit of 30 people, so book early and pay for your wife or husband to take the class.
Then you can plan for some of those summer barbeques, but this time with a better chance of success! ;-)

We will email you once we have your payment of $25.00 per person, we would like the names in an RSVP so that we can prepare for your arrival!

 You can pay for the class with your credit card by going to our payment page. Click on "Add To Cart' button to be taken to the page for the class with Paypal.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

We will be discussing the different types of smokers and how each of them work.