Tumbleweed BBQ
and Dutch Oven

Community Events

Tumbleweed BBQ is very involved with the community. 
We support Charitable Groups, Church Organizations, 
Fund Raising, and Civic Events.
We believe that doing business in a community 
means being part of that community. 
We get involved with events like:

Fund Raising
Primary Children's Hospital

Church Events
Parties & Dinners

Dutch Oven Gatherings

Advertising & Promotions
Weber County Fairgrounds Dutch Oven Show

Army - Navy Store Promotion

Community Events
Free sandwiches and drinks for the Police Volunteers at Peach Days.

BBQ and Dutch Oven Contests for events to help promote your Community!

Neighborhood BBQs


Community Events

Dutch Oven and BBQ Classes and Demonstrations

If you have an event coming up, Call us, We can help!