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and Dutch Oven

Event Calendar

In an effort to help you plan your event with us, 

we have added a calendar of our scheduled events!

Please contact us even if the date you desire is taken. 

We have a great crew and may still be able to accommodate your event.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Hurry if you want to schedule an event with us!

The good dates are going fast!

If you have any questions or want to attend one of these events, 

just email us and we will get you the information as soon as possible.

Date Time Event
    2010 Events 
 April 30, May 1 All Day  Competition Cooking Class and Competition in Salt Lake City 
May 8   All Day Fundraiser
 May 15  All Day  Boy Scout Jaboree at the Weber County Fair Grounds. We will be selling BBQ!
May 22   All Day Primary Childrens Fundraiser at Smiths in North Logan 
May 29, 30, and 31
   All Day

SBK World Superbike Weekend

Miller Motorsports Park

We will be selling BBQ!

We Won 3 awards at this competition!

June 9  5:30 until 10:00 pm.  Certification class to certify new KCBS Judges.
If you would like to become a Judge, Get a hold of us asap! This will be held at Cabelas in Lehi.
 June 11, 12  All Day BBQ Compitition at Cabela's in Lehi. 
We won 3 awards at this competition!
June 19   Morning / Early Afternoon Freeway Cadillac Mazda
"Fathers Day BBQ Competition" 
Won an awesome BBQ grill for 1st place!
June 19 Afternoon / Evening  Fathers Day Catering Event 
 July 3  Catering Event Private Catering Event
 July 5 Catering Event  Private Catering Event
July 10  All Day Get together with IDOS (Dutch Oven group) in Salt Lake (More details soon!) 
 July 16, 17  All Day
 Smokin in the Village
BBQ Competition
274 Highway 25, Delco Idaho
Exit 216 on Highway 84
Won 1 Award!
July 24  All Day Tumbleweed BBQ is sponsoring a Backyard BBQ Cookoff in Tremonton City. Come on down and try your hand at a BBQ Competition. We will post more details when they become available. 
July 30  All Day  Catering a Wedding Reception 
August 6 - 7
All Day Fire, Water and Ice BBQ Competition 
First Place Brisket Award!

August 21   All Day Private Catering Event 
Sept 6   All Day Founders Day Vending, Wellsville, Utah 
Sept 10, 11   All Day Peach Days Vending Event 
 Sept 24, 25 All Day  Scarecrow Festival Vending 
 Oct 1,2  All Day Fox Hole BBQ Competition and Vending 
Won 3 Awards!
Oct 16   All Day Neighborhood BBQ Event 
 Oct 19  All Day Tremonton Ward Party 
    2011 Events 
 Jan 1, 2011 All Day  New Years Day Catering Event 
Feb 12  All Day Catering Wedding 
April 9  All Day  International Dutch Oven Society Spring Convention at the 
Legacy Events Center (Formerly Davis County Fairgrounds)
151 South 1100 West
Farmington, UT 
April 29  All Day  Ward BBQ Dinner 
May 7   All Day Teaching BBQ Class in Taylorsville, Utah 
 May 13,14 Not Going West X BBQ Competition in Washington, Utah 
May 21  All Day  Primary Children's Hospital (CMN) Fundraiser
Smiths Marketplace, 750 North Main in Logan.
Come buy some awesome BBQ and support  the 
Primary Children's Hospital! 
May 27,28   All  Day Cabella's BBQ Competition in Lehi, Utah 
Won a First Place Award in the
Pork Category!!!
June 8  6 am to 8 am  Tumbleweed BBQ on the Channel 13 Morning News segment with Big Budah promoting the
Smoke on the River BBQ Competition.
Watch it here:

 June 8 10am to 11pm  KCBS Certified Judging class. If you want to become a BBQ Judge and get to eat some of the best BBQ in the world, sign up for this class!
Details click here. 
June 10, 11  All Day  Smoke on the Water, State Championship BBQ Competition in Heber City, Utah.
Tumbleweed BBQ took an Amazing
1st Place in Chicken and 2nd Place in Ribs!
 June 17, 18  All Day  Freeway Mazda Competition in Ogden, Utah
 June 18 11 am
5 pm
Heritage Arts Festival, 20 North Main, Brigham City.
Come on down and get some of our awesome BBQ!

 June 25 6 pm  Catering BBQ Party, Jensen
A Great place they have.
Thanks guys!
July 1,2  All Day  Smokin Valley BBQ Competition in Huntsville, Utah
Won 1st place Ribs, 2nd place Chicken,
5th place Pork, 4th place Brisket!
July 9  All Day  Wedding, Nelson
Congratulations Kelsey!
 July 16 All Day  Family Reunion
A great success!
July 22,23 All Day  Tremonton BBQ Competition  
 July 30  All Day Wedding at the  Bullen Center in Logan
Aug 8  1 pm  Temple Workers Summer Party in Logan 
Aug 12, 13 All Day  Fire Water and Ice Championship BBQ Competition 
 Aug 12 All Day Company Party for Brigham City Corporation 
 Aug 19, 20  All Day Rockin Ribs Championship BBQ Competition 
 Aug 20  4:30 Al Trout Progressive Dinner Catering 
Soon, Check back for date!   All Day
in Tremonton, Utah
119 West Main Street 
Sept 3  5 to 10 pm Family Reunion, Rawlings at Willard Bay
Sep 5   Pending Vending 
Sept 8 All DAy  Bear River Valley Co-Op Dinner 
2012 Events 
 Jan 7  All Day Army National Guard Dinner 
Jan 18 All Day Fielding Fire Department Banquet
 Jan 20  All Day  Bear River Valley Chamber Of Commerce Banquet
 Jan 20  All Day Smiths Marketplace Employee Banquet 
 Feb 2   Meat for Tremonton Fire Department Dinner 
 Feb 9   Bank Office Catering
 Feb 10  All Day Bear River Co-Op Catering Event 
 Feb 14 All Day Valentine's Day Special Dinner in the Resteraunt
 Feb 15  All Day Box Elder High School Swim Team Banquet 
March 3 All Day Anniversary Catering Job, Roundy
 March 22 All Day  Pending Vending Event for Plume Perfect Event Center anf the Cutter Horse Association
 March 28 All Day  Pending catering for West Liberty Foods Company Party, 530 employees. 
March 31 All Day  Pending Fundraiser, Please help support this.
Here  is a link:
Facebook Page
 April 14 All Day  Pending Wedding Diner for Dr Adams
April 26  5-7 pm Ducks Unlimited Dinner Meeting
 April 27-28 All Day Sams Club National Tour BBQ Competition 


May 4 & 5  All Day

2012 IDOS Spring Convention

We will demo our BBQ Smoker
 and advertise for the Utah BBQ Organization.
 May 12  All Day Pending BBQ Competion 
 June 1st, 2nd All Day Plume Perfect Craft Fair
110 West Main, Tremonton
 June 16 All Day  Heritage Arts Festival in Brigham City.
Come and eat some of our great BBQ while listening to some great live music. Check out the old fashoned vendors and see how things were made back in the Yester-Years!


June 15 - 16   All Day Freeway Mazda BBQ Competition
 June 22 All Day Lagoon With Family
 June 26 All Day  Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf and Nikon Corporation Event
 June 29 - 30 All Day  Coalville Pig Out Competition
Won First Place Brisket 
and Third Place Ribs!
June 30  All Day Ducks Unlimited Banquet, Plymouth Fire Hall
July 14  All Day Painter Family Party, Brigham
 July 20, 21  All Day Tremonton Days
 July 20 5 pm Vortex Extreme Banquet BE Fairgrounds  

 July 21 5 pm Hossman Wedding
 July 21 All Day Vortex Extreme Lunch
 July 24 5:00 pm  Green Family Reunion, Smithfield
 July 28 All Day Truck Pull Vending in Malad Idaho 
Aug 4th  All Day CMN Fundraiser, Smithfield Central Park,  Poker Run


 Aug 18  All Day Eidamire Family Catering 

Aug 24 - 25 All Day Smokin' Up Layton Hills BBQ Competition
Sept 14-15  All Day  
Smoke on the Snake BBQ Comp in Idaho Falls 
Sept 28 - 29  All  Day Riverdale Cutrubus BBQ Challenge
4th place Pork
 Oct 22 All Day Bear River Bird Refuge "Best Of The West" Catering
 Oct 28 All Day Bear River Chamber of Commerce Trick or Treat
 Nov 9-10 All DAy Freeze Your Piggies Off BBQ Competition
1st place Ribs, 3rd place Chicken
and 4th place Brisket!
 Dec 3  10:00 AM  Bear River Chamber of Commerce Chili Cookoff
for Restaurant Owners
Took 1st Place for the second year in a row!
 Dec 13 5:30 PM Concert Party
 Dec 14 All Day Christmas Party
    2013 Events 
Jan 14  7:00 PM Mason Dinner, Corinne
 March 1,2 All Day Brigham City Wedding
March 8,9 All Day North Ogden Wedding
 March 11  All Day Mason Dinner Catering, Corinne
 March 15,16  All Day Mark Miller Subaru  BBQ Competition
1st Place Ribs, 5th place Chicken,
7th Place Brisket, 9th place Pork
April 5, 6  All Day Sams Club BBQ Competition
 April 26, 27 All Day Valley Fair Mall BBQ Competition 
 May 4th All Day Barrel Smoker Building Class, 
Desert Magnolia BBQ, Roy, Utah
Click on the barrel for more info.

 May 11 All Day Clifford Family "Country Wedding" Ye-haw!
May 17  All Day Management Training Corporation Catering 
 May 18 All Day Heritage Arts Event Center Wedding, Logan
 May 24, 25 All Day Red, White and BBQ Competition at
Cutrubus Cadillac, Riverdale City
5th Place Chicken, 7th place Ribs
10th place Brisket (No award on the Brisket)
June 8 All Day Relay For Life Fundraiser at Walmart in Brigham
 June 15  All Day Heritage Festival Vending,
Brigham City

Click Here For More Information

June 26  Pending Pending Catering Job for 510 in Logan
June 28, 29  All Day  Das Dubb BBQ Competition in Layton 
Took 3rd Place Chicken.
June 29 Pending / Still Available BBQ Cook for Reunion in Huntsville
July 6  All Day Family Reunion
July 12, 13  Did not go BBQ Competition, BBQ Pitstop in Lehi
 July 13 All Day Bear River Coop Dutch Oven Dog and Cook Off
 July 13 Open UDS Drum Smoker Building Class # 2

July 20  All Day Bright Wedding
 July 26, 27 All Day Huntsville BBQ Competition
We judged at this one!
There was some GREAT food there!
Aug 3  Pending / Still Available Hunter Poker Run at Strawberry Reservoir
Aug 19  All Day  Bureau of EMS  training workshop at the Utah State University-Brigham City Campus 
Aug 23, 24  All Day Wild West BBQ Shootout @ The Montego Bay Casino in Wendover, Nevada
Took 10th place Brisket Award against some of the top BBQ Teams in the Western United States!
 Sept 6, 7 All Day  Peach Days 
Sept 6, 7  All Day Utah State Fair BBQ Cookoff
Sept 13, 14  All Day Smoke on the Snake
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sept 17  All Day Kent Wedding
 Sept 20, 21 All Day Coalville BBQ Comp
Sept 28  All Day BBQ Cookoff at Harmons in Ogden
 Oct 4, 5 All Day Smokin Up The Hills BBQ Competition, Layton
Oct 12  All Day Fundraiser to help the HQO BBQ Team raise money to help them get to the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship! They were lucky enough to win the draw that is a once in a lifetime event for most BBQ Teams. Good Luck Brian and represent Utah well!
 Oct 25,26 All Day 2013 Cutrubus Cadillac HQ - Fall BBQ Championship. Riverdale Road in Ogden
Oct 29  All DAy Brigham City Ambulance Association Catering
Nov 22,23   All Day Utah BBQ Competition "A Mans Event!
Dec 20  All Day Christmas Party 
    2014 Events 

Sorry, We are not taking any catering jobs for 2014.
    2015 Events 
    If you have an event date that is already booked, contact us anyway. Some of the events are not "set in stone" and may be available.
May 30  All Day  Golden Spike Cook Off
Won Third Place Overall! 
 June 5 All Day South Jordan Cook Off
Won 3rd Place again! 1st, 2nd and 4th places were all previous Dutch Oven World Champions!
June 19-21   All Day National Dutch Oven Gathering in Brice Canyon 
 June 26 5 to 9pm Taylorsville Dutch Oven Gathering
 June 27 All Day Wedding Reception
 June 27 All Day West Haven Dutch Oven Cook Off
 July 10-11 Pending Huntsville BBQ Challenge
 July 11 All Day Dutch Oven Cook off Corinne 
July 11  All Day  Family Reunion 
 July 17  All Day Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 
 July 18 9am to 3pm Army Navy Dutch Oven Gathering
 July 24 All Day Vending at The Brigham City Pioneer Day Celebration
 Aug 1 All Day  Fire on the Bay
Aug 7 All Day Hawaiian Luau
 Aug 15 All Day Davis County Fair Cook Off
 Aug 24 All Day Dutch Oven Dinner in Taylorsville
 Sept 4-7 All Day Sheep Dog Festival
 Sept 5-7 All Day Wellsville Reunion 
 Sept 10 All Day Catering, Sherwood Hills Business Dinner
Sept 11  All Day Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Mountain Dell Golf Course, SLC
 Sept 12 All Day Hot Dog Cooking Contest at the Utah State Fair
Sept 17   All Day Company Party, Herriman Utah 
 Sept 19 All Day Judging the Utah State Championship Dutch Oven Cook-off and Demonstrating at the Utah State Fair
Sept 26 All Day  Wedding Reception Memorial Park (Causey Reservoir)
Oct 10  All Day Honeyville
 Nov 2 All Day BC Catering
 Nov 7 All Day Red Barn Wedding, Honeyville
Nov 14  All Day Dutch Oven Gathering in Salt Lake
Nov 21  All Day Birthday Dutch Oven Gathering in Brigham City
Nov 27  All Day Catering in Corinne
 Dec 3 All Day Heritage Farm Company Party, Logan
 Dec 8 All Day Church Party
 Dec 12 All Day Dutch Oven Dinner, Layton
Dec 18  All Day Company Party Catering, Logan
Dec 20 All Day Company Party Tractor Supply, Brigham
Dec 26  All Day Cooper Christmas Party
Dec 30 All Day Holiday Party, War Memorial Home
    2016 Events  
Jan 30  All Day Dutch Oven Dinner - Planning meeting, Salt Lake
 Feb 13 All Day Boat and Dutch Oven Show
Feb 13 All Day Pending Nelson Wedding
 Feb 18-20 All Day RV Show Dutch Oven Demos
Mar 16  All Day  Prepping for the
World Championship Dutch Oven Cook Off !!!
Mar 17 All Day World Championship Dutch Oven Cook Off, Sandy Utah
Mar 18 All Day World Championship Dutch Oven Cook Off, Sandy Utah 
Mar 19 All Day World Championship Dutch Oven Cook Off, Sandy Utah
Mar 20  All Day Pending Cast Iron Chef Competition
Apr 16  All Day Antelope Island - IDOS 
Apr 29   All Day West Haven Wedding Catering 
May 13-14  All Day IDOS Annual Spring Convention 
 May 14 All Day Pending Catering, Hawaiian Ice Wedding Reception
May 27-30  All Days  Catering and Vending for the Cowboy Legends program at Antelope Island.
Come out and eat and check out the Awesome Cowboy Poetry!
Antelope Islands Cowboy Legend Facebook Page
 June 3 All Day Box Elder School District Catering
 Jun 4 All Day  Harrisville Catering - Amber
 Jun 11 All Day Layton Dog 10AM - Location to be announced later.  
 June 14 All Day Prepping for Wilderness Trek Cooking,
Martins Cove, Wyoming
June 15 All Day Wilderness Trek Cooking, Martins Cove, Wyoming
June 16 All Day Wilderness Trek Cooking, Martins Cove, Wyoming
June 17 All Day Wilderness Trek Cooking, Martins Cove, Wyoming
June 18  All Day Wilderness Trek Cooking, Martins Cove, Wyoming
 June 21 All Day Corporate Dutch Oven Dinner for Ace Hardware,
Midway Utah
June 23  All Day Pending Heritage West Catering, Logan Utah
 June 24 All Day DDO Ogden Catering
 June 25 All Day Catering - Summer Social, Mountain Green, Utah
July 3  All Day Reunion - Lee Family Bear Lake 
July 14  All Day  Pending Moosman Family Reunion Catering, Heber City
July 23-24 - 25 All Day Pioneer Days Vending
Aug 5  All Day  Tour of Utah - Antelope Island demos  
 Aug 13 All Day Davis County Fair - Dutch Oven Cook-off 
Sep 5 All Day Family Reunion, Wellsville
 Sept 10 All Day Utah State Fair Cook-off 
 Sept 17 All Day Demille Wedding
Oct 29  All Day Buffalo Round up - Antelope Island 
    This Section will no longer be updated because we mainly use our calendar on our Menu page.